Decisions…… Decisions…. Decisions…..

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So I heard about Nintendo’s plan to not come to E3 2014 for the second year in a row.

Why not? Why let down your fans again? Why not come to the stage swinging and giving your competitors all you got?

Sure a private event is more personal but the fans are already used to this with the Nintendo directs.


I thought that Nintendo was going to bring the big guns this year, lights, publicity and most of all games to help save the struggling Wii U. I know that Super Smash Brothers U and Mario Kart 8 will indeed help sell systems but that should not be the only plan.

They should have used this opportunity to take a bigger stage and bring those hidden gems that we have been waiting for.  It’s all about making the right decisions, and this was the chance to put Nintendo back on the map and to give them back their space in the competition.  Some may disagree with me when I say that they lost their spot, however, I think it is safe to say that they are in their own world.  They continue to make decisions that are of the contrary that even the loyalists left don’t understand.

Perhaps this will work to their advantage but I cant help but to wish they would have stepped their game up. Here’s to a better year for Nintendo!

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No More Life’s


It’s been a little while, but I’m back!

Just how precious is the life of a video game character you’re playing as?

Very precious. Life’s come few and plenty.  Even when you have collect all the rings, coins and spheres lives are hard to come by.  This makes me wonder, how long do you play a game? Do you play up until the point when you get stuck? Or do you play the game and take a break?


I’ve spoken often about the challenges I have had while playing Super Mario 3D Land, in which Mario would fall into the background to his immediate end. He would also lose his footing at the end of a jump sending him to hell down below.  This didn’t occur only once, but this happen continually, to the point where I assumed that Mario no longer wanted to cooperate for the sake of saving the Princess.  The moving stage was also something that made

Ok, so I shouldn’t say that he didn’t want to cooperate because it was all my doing however, he did die more than a few times. The cloud suit couldn’t even save him from wanting to fall off the cliff.  This made me question if I was going to continue to play the game or trade it in.

In this situation death did us part!  Have you given up on a difficult game after repeated deaths of a character?

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The Controversy Surrounding NBA Live 14


Graphically inferior to its direct competitor NBA 2k14, Live tries to make up for its short comings on the court.

Based on EA’s Ignite engine players are to expect a fluid and realistic experience. However, what you get can be completely different.

For starters, the pace of the game while online plays a lot slower. The ball glides in the air like it’s made of feathers and magically allows the opponent on the other team to make effortless threes. Players on the court are also able to catch the ball from more than half way down the other end of the court.

There are graphical glitches with arms blending into jerseys. You will even be lucky if your able to find someone to play against online as when I first tired a total of 201 people were online.

Though NBA 2k14 is more polished than NBA Live I still find myself gravitating towards Live. This game does not look next gen, the ball was dropped in this area. Updates and improvements to the lighting and graphics have been done to make the players look less plastic and give them a realistic appearance.

The creators have gone on record to apologize for disappointing fans.  This has lead to the controversy in the gaming community. Why should we have to pay full price for a game that is not next generation as promised? Initial showings of the game looked amazing, however, the products presentation differed greatly. The game still needs graphical improvements if it’s ever going to match that of NBA 2k14.

With the negatives aside this game is fun to play with a better sound track in my opinion. It’s also more accessible to play. I did notice the graphics and was initially turned off by them however, I have played games in the past that did not look as good as this one. I was able to forgive them and focus on the game which was most important.  Fans and press were turned off by this game, yet and still there are still die hard ones who play. For them, they acknowledge that while NBA 2k14 looks nice and has made advancements in the field of graphics and balling, nothing replaces the NBA Live experience.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the game is priced at about $20.00. I am hoping that the next game will be much better and they will look to their competitor for inspiration in graphics and gameplay. With that being said, I recommend this game if you want an experience outside of NBA 2k14.  Don’t let graphics stop you from playing any type of game after all it’s about the gameplay.


You can pick up NBA Live 14 for the Xbox One and PS4.

Weird Things Related to Gaming- Could You Relate?

So here is my list of things that have annoyed me over the years in the world of video games. 



1. Pitfall – One of my most memorable childhood games. It was challenging yet rewarding. However, the graphics weren’t too good and became annoying quickly. It’s something about it that haunts me to this day.



2. Super Mario for the Nintendo- I can’t remember which game it was but when Mario had to battle bowser at the end on the battle stage, the music would always make me sick to my stomach. I don’t know, weird huh?



3. Sonic the hedgehog- If you left Sonic in the water too long back in the day, it would trigger fast and dramatic music of adrenaline inducing proportions. This music triggered here would have me panicking in real life as a youngster.



4.  Mortal Kombat, “Finish Him” the words on the screen would say, Immediately triggering music, that once started, would make me lose all control, My nerves would take over and I would forget any button combinations I was attempting to do to punish my opponent,  Before I knew it the person was on the ground and so was my controller.

Well there you have it folks, my little funny experiences in gaming when I was younger. What are some weird things that happened while you were playing video games? Be sure to share, like, comment and follow. 

The Next Gen Promise

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Remember E3  2013?  We were promised so much for the next generation. Eye popping graphics, powerful systems, and more features that weren’t possible the previous generation. In some ways we have gotten that, systems are now pc based and run faster. We were promised games that would prove to us how far technology has come.


PC elitists, would say that PC’s are more powerful than next generation systems in which they would be right. For us gamer’s this was the step into the future. Again, the hype surrounding next generation was higher than ever leaving gamer’s high for weeks.

Moving forward to what we actually received, big name games were pushed back to different time slots, each system experienced droughts and games that were in my opinion lack luster.

Games didn’t score high enough in their reviews and the door was opened to patch heaven.


Where does this leave us? It leaves us with systems and games that we can play over and over. Going deeper, it leaves us with a promise. I’ve heard from PS4 owners that though there system may not have that many games currently it will pay off in the end. Should one have to wait for the experience they were promised?  Should one person take one for the team, in this case have nothing new to play on their shiny console?  Should the promise out way the drought and or lack of complete games? Though the previous generation of systems were out a long time, I feel they could have waited to launch next generation a little while longer so each system could be complete.


Monthly system updates are something that Microsoft users have become used to in terms of Xbox One. Though these updates bring improvements some of the features should have existed day one. Sony is right behind with a massive update planned.

This brings me to my question. Is the next generation of gaming what you expected? Was the cart put out before the horse? What are your thoughts? Be sure to comment, follow and like.

My review of titan fall- Xbox one, my final verdict

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When I first played this game in during the beta stages, I was hyped and eager to experience something new.

Titan Fall offered a Call of Duty pace and with a fresh spin on gameplay with the inclusion of mechs. My thoughts were for the better in terms of what was to come.  I did enjoy myself.

Fast forward to the current release of the game. Heads were pumped to the sky, Microsoft fan boys were out in full force toting this game as the savior of the Xbox one, though the game would be released on PC and Xbox 360.

The game seemed to be lacking in content from the start. After the first few weeks of playing the game seemed slightly boring. The hype train was real with this game, not saying that it wasn’t fun to play but it becomes a well-known traveled road after one takes the time to play.

Graphically, the game looks ok but there aren’t too many differences in the Xbox 360 version to warrant a purchase of the system as the Xbox 360 version is just as good.  I feel that the graphics could have been a bit better taking full advantage of system power. Perhaps, the engine that was used could have been updated as well.


The graphics and resolution do not take away from the fun. There’s something to be said about having a light beam from space to earth during a Titans arrival.  If I were to change one thing, I would say that the Titan Fall’s should be tied to skill level and not time. However, this would make the game seem like a COD clone.

This game was fun but I find myself waiting for the complete package. There is free downloadable content coming for the game which is a good thing as the game has gotten dry.

As the case with any game, playing with friends makes it so much better. If you don’t have the game pick it up and try it out. Its fun and full of action, just make sure you have the right people to play with or it could become a bit dry.

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My review of Plants Versus Zombies:Garden Warfare for Xbox One


I know I’m late on the gravy train but I thought it would be fitting to give my personal thoughts on Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare for the Xbox One.

This game took me by surprise, it lacked the war of testosterone that I am used to in military shooters.  In my opinion this fact was a definite selling point. I’m no stranger to the Plant Versus Zombies series of games, though initially fun to me, I would become bored and stop playing all together.

So what about my thoughts you say?

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare on Xbox One is a very bright and colorful game. Seems like all the rainbows in the world have been sucked up and literally placed on your TV screen.

This game features your typical array of classes in which each team must work together to achieve a common goal. With that being to eliminate the other team.

This game offers a few modes outside of your standard team death match such as capture the flag.

Graphically, the game is very impressive with each character having their own distinct look and move set.

One thing that annoyed me however, was the slow movement of the characters but I had to remember that this was not call of duty.

The game does enough to stand out on its own but from my time playing I would also end up playing against children who were of course, better than me!

If you’re looking for a game that’s less serious with a touch of fun that demands cooperation give Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare a try.  The game is available on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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It Ain’t what it used to be

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This is a short post that I wanted to do to talk about how gaming used to be.

Remember when games would take hours to beat if not days?

The 1990’s not only produced great systems but we saw the benefit in the progression of technology.

Games began to look better but over the years they have lost their resolve.

Video games aren’t what they used to be. They are shorter and half the game they used to be.

Patches are supposed to enhance games not add on the rest of the game post release.

The most recent example of a short game would be Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero. This game was short intentionally, however, I can’t help but feel that they should have waited on releasing game.


What are your thoughts on today’s games versus the games of the 90’s? Do you think the advancement of technology and rising cost of development or to blame? As always be sure to follow, comment and subscribe.  Thanks.