The Beauty Behind the Veil

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“She’s beautiful just look at her,” every man says on his wedding day after he lifts the veil. The beauty and sheer delight that he beholds from his wife will be a moment he will never forget.

Of course one would automatically assume that I would be writing about a marriage for this post.

Instead I wanted to talk about looking past the veil in any situation. For example, you may see a woman who you’re not fond of because she doesn’t look like Tyra Banks, or you may see a man that you’re not too fond of because he doesn’t look like Russell Crowe, this does not mean you should not engage with this person.

They may like you, and you may be missing out on knowing a good person by not going behind the veil.

I want to relate to this games as well. When games come out these days they are judged according to how they look instead of what they have to offer in terms of contents. Having said that, I think it’s imperative that one look past how a game looks and see what content it has.


The beauty behind the veil is only seen if one takes the opportunity to see it.

In terms of video games are concerned, Sony says that their console has the highest specs in regards to making better graphics. This is true, but the importance of graphics should not overshadow the games that one are to play.

What about the game play? What about the controls? What about the AI?

What about the person you don’t want to know because of what they look like? Could they be a celebrity one day? Will they be a successful business person? Don’t pass on the opportunity to go beyond the veil.


What are your thoughts on people who judge by looks alone? What are your thoughts about Video Game Company’s using graphics as a selling point?


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