The “C” in Casual

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It’s been said that if one is a Call Of Duty player only or a sports game player only that they make up the community of casual players.  People who put the “C” in casual.

This is the demographic that Nintendo went after with the Wii system.

Its also said that this group of people hardly play any games at all and if they do they don’t play enough.

When the casual group wants to have a say about their experience on a game or system its usually taken with a grain of salt, but the hardcore gamer feels their opinion is of greater worth.

So which category do you fall under? Or do you just play and don’t pay attention to the hours spent? What are your thoughts on labeling ? Should they exist at all?

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One thought on “The “C” in Casual

  1. drakulus23 March 13, 2014 / 1:01 PM

    I think people needs to stop labeling gamers. A gamer is a gamer plain and simple.

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