Judging on the outside without looking inside.


You know the saying don’t judge a book by its cover?  We all know it but still do. The cover on a book doesn’t necessarily reflect the contents with in. 

Same goes for games, the cover art could portray details contrary to what the actual game is about,  A good book is worth reading no matter what it looks like, 

If you take the time to play the game and or read the book you may be surprised about the content. 

We even do this to each other in life, looking at another and summing them up by the way they act initially before we even get to know them. This is totally wrong. We should know a person before we assume things about them. 

You might say that gaming is just gaming and a book is just a book but it goes deeper than that.  If you chose to do this, you would miss out on getting to know a person.

Next time you see a person who you may not know, get to know them before you make an opinion about them.  As always like, follow and comment. Thanks for reading. 


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