The Beauty Behind the Veil

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“She’s beautiful just look at her,” every man says on his wedding day after he lifts the veil. The beauty and sheer delight that he beholds from his wife will be a moment he will never forget.

Of course one would automatically assume that I would be writing about a marriage for this post.

Instead I wanted to talk about looking past the veil in any situation. For example, you may see a woman who you’re not fond of because she doesn’t look like Tyra Banks, or you may see a man that you’re not too fond of because he doesn’t look like Russell Crowe, this does not mean you should not engage with this person.

They may like you, and you may be missing out on knowing a good person by not going behind the veil.

I want to relate to this games as well. When games come out these days they are judged according to how they look instead of what they have to offer in terms of contents. Having said that, I think it’s imperative that one look past how a game looks and see what content it has.


The beauty behind the veil is only seen if one takes the opportunity to see it.

In terms of video games are concerned, Sony says that their console has the highest specs in regards to making better graphics. This is true, but the importance of graphics should not overshadow the games that one are to play.

What about the game play? What about the controls? What about the AI?

What about the person you don’t want to know because of what they look like? Could they be a celebrity one day? Will they be a successful business person? Don’t pass on the opportunity to go beyond the veil.


What are your thoughts on people who judge by looks alone? What are your thoughts about Video Game Company’s using graphics as a selling point?


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A 29 Years Old Perspecitve- A Birthday Commemoration (For Myself)



A 29 Years Old Perspective- A Birthday Commemoration 2014.


So today I was blessed to see another year. I know that this blog has been established as a place to discuss video games and literature but I also wanted to take the time and reflect on my years.


It was an ultimate blessing to wake up this morning and empress the next part of my life. Right about now you’re wondering why I should care.


Who are you and why do you matter? That’s the thing, I don’t matter to the point where a celebrity would, and however, I feel that I have established myself as blogger whose opinion matters for the most part to some people.


I’ve been through a few things in this thing called life and as a result it has made me a better person.


Twenty-Nine is a big monumental age to reach and I couldn’t have got this far without faith, wisdom, video games and of course literature, I left out one thing which as common sense!


I have talked about that a lot on this blog as some people have lost that these days. Nonetheless I am grateful for this day and grateful for my small group of followers. You all are important to me and make me feel good.

It’s encouraging to see that my audience are also fellow bloggers, it says a lot to me that you would think of following me.


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Happy Birthday to me 2014.

The slavery of Ignorance


For this post I wanted to explore a topic that is different from the normal ones that I do.

The slavery of Ignorance.

It’s a way of thinking that one would have no idea they are taking part in.

One is oblivious to the fact that they have this way of thinking or to the fact that they are even a slave.

Not ball in chain in the physical sense but to that of the mind.


I’ve heard it time and time again, that ignorance is bliss but is operating without thought and ignoring conscious society norms really bliss?

You may be wondering what I am talking about. Well I could start with race, there has been an ever increasing popularity in people acting out for attention instead of using common sense.  The actions of the few give the rest of the people a bad name.

They are slaves to ignorance.

When people gang up on others because they chose a system that they don’t agree with,

They are slaves to ignorance.

Ignorance is often celebrated and not dealt with or addressed, it’s becoming an epidemic.

You can have education from the ground up to the mountain top but people have to be willing to use it.

I’m just putting my thoughts out there on this particular subject.


What are your thoughts about the way ignorance is praised and or glorified?  What has to happen for this to change?

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The “C” in Casual

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It’s been said that if one is a Call Of Duty player only or a sports game player only that they make up the community of casual players.  People who put the “C” in casual.

This is the demographic that Nintendo went after with the Wii system.

Its also said that this group of people hardly play any games at all and if they do they don’t play enough.

When the casual group wants to have a say about their experience on a game or system its usually taken with a grain of salt, but the hardcore gamer feels their opinion is of greater worth.

So which category do you fall under? Or do you just play and don’t pay attention to the hours spent? What are your thoughts on labeling ? Should they exist at all?

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The writers block that binds me

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So it’s been a little while since I wrote anything  and its all due to the fact that I cannot finish my thoughts on a particular topic before the critical part of me takes over.

I don’t know, I might be the only one with this issue. ……. I just don’t want to put out anything and in turn, it stops my creative process.

Caught between two worlds should be the title of this post!

I am letting you inside my head though I am sure you can relate. Perhaps it is my consideration for the audience I am writing to that blocks me from just posting any little thing?

For the bloggers out there, have you ever been there?

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From me to you!


I just wanted to make a special post for all of my subscribers who are for the most part, fellow bloggers and love video games or literature. I wanted to say I really thank you for taking the time to read my little posts and see something in me worth subscribing for. 

To be honest, it takes me time before I post something because I want to make sure it is just right and worth your attention as do I know this is the same for those who are bloggers. 

You all, each and every one of you are important to me and I Iook forward to writing more material. 

This blog has grown by leaps and bounds and I could have never imagined that I would have as many followers as I do now.  

Stay tuned for more! And again I say thanks! 

Judging on the outside without looking inside.


You know the saying don’t judge a book by its cover?  We all know it but still do. The cover on a book doesn’t necessarily reflect the contents with in. 

Same goes for games, the cover art could portray details contrary to what the actual game is about,  A good book is worth reading no matter what it looks like, 

If you take the time to play the game and or read the book you may be surprised about the content. 

We even do this to each other in life, looking at another and summing them up by the way they act initially before we even get to know them. This is totally wrong. We should know a person before we assume things about them. 

You might say that gaming is just gaming and a book is just a book but it goes deeper than that.  If you chose to do this, you would miss out on getting to know a person.

Next time you see a person who you may not know, get to know them before you make an opinion about them.  As always like, follow and comment. Thanks for reading.