The Number 1 Game I will not Play……………………………


I happen to be a fan of horror games and I have had my share of scares over the years with games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill and even Siren.

But nothing, and I mean nothing, could prepare me for what I would encounter while watching others play Out Last.  A game taking place in supposed hell, puts you in a dark town running around a prison and through sewers trying to escape every psycho manic in sight. Did I mention that the majority of these psycho paths were unclothed? Run away, Run, run like water!

As I watched someone play this game it felt like I was playing. The music was fast and terrifying. The night vision camera really makes for a terrifying experience. As such I will not play this game. It has accomplished its mission in terms of scaring by literally scaring me away from it!

Outlast is available on Ps4 and Steam for PC and is recommended by me if you love thrills and chills and want a scare.

That’s my thoughts, what are yours? Have you had the chance to play this game? Is this game scary to you?  Be sure to comment, share, follow and Like. Thanks.


One thought on “The Number 1 Game I will not Play……………………………

  1. My thoughts on Outlast… it’s boring. Nothing more to be said there. I like being able to defend myself in games and runaway if I have too. That being said I never finished the game but that’s because I got tired of the repetitive gameplay of having to always run away from everything. That was also my problem with Amnesia.

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