Desperation = Popularity


Ever wonder why some people in all their negativity about things are successful? Because Desperation = popularity. 

Some people are willing to do anything to further their agenda and popularity, they make up rumors about a specific thing, have bias towards a company and or product and even lash out at others for attention. 

Why? Because desperation = popularity, unannounced to them, those who conform to this way of being in essence lose themselves in who they were and their truths to them as a human being.   How you ask? Simply. By engaging in this they end up being wrapped up in trying to be something more than who they really are. Falling to the ultimate level of desperation all in strides for popularity.

It is my opinion that at no time should one ever lose themselves in trying to be popular. You should never hate on a person or even lash out at a person for attention. You may be wondering where I have seen such things to even be talking about this, if you look on YouTube you can see it in the video game community in particular.  Everyone is after the views and comments and nothing gets them going more than a person who is desperate for popularity.  This can extend to blogs, and other types of mediums.  I don’t even want to speak about reality television as this is shown on a daily basis. Cat fights, 5 wived men, and foul mouths all flash across our screen at alarming rates all because of desperation. 

 All I am saying is, if you want to receive attention, get it the right way. Let your gift, whatever that maybe, make room for you!

If you are a good writer, blogger and or commentator, let that speak for you. No need to scoop low to the levels of desperation. Although in today’s time Desperation = popularity.  

I know that this was a deep post and I don’t mean to offend but this post was just some food for thought! 

What are your thoughts on this? Have you seen this occur anywhere?  Does this annoy you? Be sure to like, share, comment and follow!



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