5 Life Lessons from Video game characters …………………………..

In this post I wanted to explore what kind of advice our favorite video game characters would give us about life. Though they are not real, they each have their own personality. 


1. Lesson #1 

From the blue blur himself, sonic.


1. Always make sure your path is clear before you blaze through life faster than a speeding bullet. 


2. Lesson #2. 


From the one and only Italian plumber himself, Mario.  

Mushrooms give you special abilities, always eat your mushrooms….. shhhh,,, Don’t tell anyone I said that. 


3. Lesson #3

From Dr. Eggman. 


Stay productive and use your time wisely, I use mines to make inventions to cause havik, Use yours to better life!


4. Lesson #4


Bowser-  Never play with fire as someone can be seriously hurt, although Mario has been burned plenty of times. 


5. Lesson #5


Lara Croft – Explore, explore, explore, until you drop and don’t forget those guns. 

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