My Thoughts on the PS4 “The Little Power House”

“The Little Engine that Will”

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Sony’s newest console was the talk of the town at E3, delivering a one, two knockout punch to the competition.

First, they announced that the system would be able to play used games. Next you wouldn’t have to pay $500.00 for their console.

By Sony announcing that the PS4 would have no restrictions, it ignited a whirl wind that sees no chance of slowing down.

Gamer’s rejoiced then and they are still rejoicing now.  Arguably one of the most popular consoles to date, the PS4 is a powerhouse on steroids. I won’t get into specs because chances are if you’re a gamer you have heard of them already.

Stores can’t seem to keep them in stock and people can’t seem to take their minds off it. This was the first console that Sony has charged for online with a service called PS Plus. With this service you are able to play online and get free games along with discounts and beta invitations.

The PS4 was built with developers in mind, as such the interface is much smoother and the system handles tasks swiftly. The PS4 has shown it’s muscle as most multi-platform games are rendered in 1080p, which is not the case for it’s direct competitor the Xbox One.  This system has a shape that would remind you of the PS2 bringing back pure nostalgia. 

Games like Killzone: Shadow Fall show the graphical prowess of the system and as time goes on I am sure we will see the totality of it’s power come into full use.

Overall, the PS4 is a system that I would recommend as it is cheaper than the Xbox one with more free to play games. The PS4 is easier to look at, box wise and as mentioned, has less of a problem in rendering games in 1080p if that is important to you. On my blog I recommended Xbox One as well because it is up to the consumer which system they choose. Both are good systems with their advantages and disadvantages.

If you are lucky to get your hands on a PS4, take it. You will not regret it. Try before you buy at your local department store, such as Best Buy, Walmart or GameStop!

What are your thoughts on the PS4? Have you made the leap to next generation gaming? Or are you waiting it out?  Be sure to like, comment and follow. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the PS4 “The Little Power House”

  1. Honestly every time I own a Playstation console it does nothing but collect dust. I usually buy all my games on the Xbox and only get the exclusives on the Playstation but honestly I hate just about every Playstation exclusive in existence except a few games. Champions of Norrath, Demon Souls, and the very first Dynasty Warriors Game is what I think of off the top of my mind. I wouldn’t recommend buying any new console right now. I would wait at least a year. The Xbox One is a great back up console for me. I’m going to buy everything I can’t get on PC and play it on there. I might get a Playstation next year or maybe the summer of this year but so far i’m not impressed with their game line up. Infamous Second Son does not interest me, and I know Killzone will only be good for a single playthrough. I would never disrespect anyone’s opinion of the PS4 or Xbox One for now I my gaming looks something like this:

    1. Yeah I would do pc too if i had a good one to play on. Nintendo is going to bring the games this year and it will be fun. Playstation just has powerful graphics, and Xbox one has the games. I just want them to fix the xbox one so ti is able to show 1080p.;

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