Titanfall- The Current Buzz Word : Here are my thoughts





Titan Fall Beta Thoughts 

Titan Fall perhaps one of the most popular names in recent months as received another beta.  I was actually able to get my hands on a beta code. Usually I never get picked for such things but I was chosen to my amazement. 

A couple of games come to mind in comparison to Titan fall like, Call of Duty, Battlefield and Mag. The beta is fast paced with a short learning curve, if you don’t want to train you could just dive head first into the action. 

Their are a variety of weapons at your disposal and these giant machines called titans similar to transformers. As this is a beta, the graphics and textures are not finalized and as a result the beta looks a bit washed but still detailed. 

I have no complaints in terms of gameplay and map sizes, the controls are responsive and the game keeps a stable frame rate. This game will surely be the game to get when it comes out next month. 

Have you played the Titan fall beta? Did you have the chance to play the previous beta? What are your thoughts? Be sure to share comment and follow! 




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