The Big Fat Box- My thoughts on the Xbox One.

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I wasn’t going to do this because I would have been late to the party, so many others have done so.

The Xbox One is very similar to the original Xbox that came before it. They are both hideous in terms of their size and looks. It can be summed up as a big black box. Sure the  PS4 looks a bit nicer but hey, this is Microsoft were talking about.  Going for heat reduction and less fan noise, they made a system that was able to withstand high temperatures.

This was important as their previous console, the Xbox 360, had numerous problems resulting in the red ring of death.

The name Microsoft used to only come to mind with computers but now, the name is synonymous with phones, Xbox and windows to name a few.

Speaking of Windows, the system runs a version of the Windows  8 OS specifically the metro style menu.  The system is fast and responsive. Kinect only enhances the experience through voice control and face recognition.

The system is scheduled to get a few updates to make it better at what it does. The OS is going to be streamlined to make it easier to invite friends and find recent players.

The Xbox One may not be as powerful as the PS4 but it is able to hold its own. The initial phase of the system is nothing to stress over as it will continue to change more and more over time.

Try the big box at a GameStop near you.


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