5 Life Lessons from Video game characters …………………………..

In this post I wanted to explore what kind of advice our favorite video game characters would give us about life. Though they are not real, they each have their own personality. 


1. Lesson #1 

From the blue blur himself, sonic.


1. Always make sure your path is clear before you blaze through life faster than a speeding bullet. 


2. Lesson #2. 


From the one and only Italian plumber himself, Mario.  

Mushrooms give you special abilities, always eat your mushrooms….. shhhh,,, Don’t tell anyone I said that. 


3. Lesson #3

From Dr. Eggman. 


Stay productive and use your time wisely, I use mines to make inventions to cause havik, Use yours to better life!


4. Lesson #4


Bowser-  Never play with fire as someone can be seriously hurt, although Mario has been burned plenty of times. 


5. Lesson #5


Lara Croft – Explore, explore, explore, until you drop and don’t forget those guns. 


The Number 1 Game I will not Play……………………………


I happen to be a fan of horror games and I have had my share of scares over the years with games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill and even Siren.

But nothing, and I mean nothing, could prepare me for what I would encounter while watching others play Out Last.  A game taking place in supposed hell, puts you in a dark town running around a prison and through sewers trying to escape every psycho manic in sight. Did I mention that the majority of these psycho paths were unclothed? Run away, Run, run like water!

As I watched someone play this game it felt like I was playing. The music was fast and terrifying. The night vision camera really makes for a terrifying experience. As such I will not play this game. It has accomplished its mission in terms of scaring by literally scaring me away from it!

Outlast is available on Ps4 and Steam for PC and is recommended by me if you love thrills and chills and want a scare.

That’s my thoughts, what are yours? Have you had the chance to play this game? Is this game scary to you?  Be sure to comment, share, follow and Like. Thanks.

Desperation = Popularity


Ever wonder why some people in all their negativity about things are successful? Because Desperation = popularity. 

Some people are willing to do anything to further their agenda and popularity, they make up rumors about a specific thing, have bias towards a company and or product and even lash out at others for attention. 

Why? Because desperation = popularity, unannounced to them, those who conform to this way of being in essence lose themselves in who they were and their truths to them as a human being.   How you ask? Simply. By engaging in this they end up being wrapped up in trying to be something more than who they really are. Falling to the ultimate level of desperation all in strides for popularity.

It is my opinion that at no time should one ever lose themselves in trying to be popular. You should never hate on a person or even lash out at a person for attention. You may be wondering where I have seen such things to even be talking about this, if you look on YouTube you can see it in the video game community in particular.  Everyone is after the views and comments and nothing gets them going more than a person who is desperate for popularity.  This can extend to blogs, and other types of mediums.  I don’t even want to speak about reality television as this is shown on a daily basis. Cat fights, 5 wived men, and foul mouths all flash across our screen at alarming rates all because of desperation. 

 All I am saying is, if you want to receive attention, get it the right way. Let your gift, whatever that maybe, make room for you!

If you are a good writer, blogger and or commentator, let that speak for you. No need to scoop low to the levels of desperation. Although in today’s time Desperation = popularity.  

I know that this was a deep post and I don’t mean to offend but this post was just some food for thought! 

What are your thoughts on this? Have you seen this occur anywhere?  Does this annoy you? Be sure to like, share, comment and follow!


My top 5 most anticipated games of 2014


1. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze- There is no stopping Donkey Kong. This is the game that will bring you back to your childhood as you hop, run and swim your way through a banana frenzy.  This game was developed well and brings hours of fun.


2. Titan Fall – As mentioned, I had the chance to play the beta, as many have and I can say that I am impressed with this game. It was fast, fluid and responsive. Nothing beats being able to run around in a titan.


3. Mario Kart 8- So I have only seen videos of Mario Kart 8 but i can say it looks really good. I am anticipating this game and the effects of gravity. The graphics are gorgeous with a superb lighting system.


4. Super Smash Brothers Wii U – I know another Wii U title. I am so looking forward to this game. Characters are still being revealed for this game and so far I can’t say that I am mad at the combatants chosen.  It looks good on Wii u and I cannot wait until it is released.


5. Watch Dogs- This game has yet to be released but when it is, I know that it will be pure fun as you can hack everything in sight.

So there’s my list, what’s yours? Are you shocked by my picks? Be sure to comment, follow and share.

My Thoughts on the PS4 “The Little Power House”

“The Little Engine that Will”

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Sony’s newest console was the talk of the town at E3, delivering a one, two knockout punch to the competition.

First, they announced that the system would be able to play used games. Next you wouldn’t have to pay $500.00 for their console.

By Sony announcing that the PS4 would have no restrictions, it ignited a whirl wind that sees no chance of slowing down.

Gamer’s rejoiced then and they are still rejoicing now.  Arguably one of the most popular consoles to date, the PS4 is a powerhouse on steroids. I won’t get into specs because chances are if you’re a gamer you have heard of them already.

Stores can’t seem to keep them in stock and people can’t seem to take their minds off it. This was the first console that Sony has charged for online with a service called PS Plus. With this service you are able to play online and get free games along with discounts and beta invitations.

The PS4 was built with developers in mind, as such the interface is much smoother and the system handles tasks swiftly. The PS4 has shown it’s muscle as most multi-platform games are rendered in 1080p, which is not the case for it’s direct competitor the Xbox One.  This system has a shape that would remind you of the PS2 bringing back pure nostalgia. 

Games like Killzone: Shadow Fall show the graphical prowess of the system and as time goes on I am sure we will see the totality of it’s power come into full use.

Overall, the PS4 is a system that I would recommend as it is cheaper than the Xbox one with more free to play games. The PS4 is easier to look at, box wise and as mentioned, has less of a problem in rendering games in 1080p if that is important to you. On my blog I recommended Xbox One as well because it is up to the consumer which system they choose. Both are good systems with their advantages and disadvantages.

If you are lucky to get your hands on a PS4, take it. You will not regret it. Try before you buy at your local department store, such as Best Buy, Walmart or GameStop!

What are your thoughts on the PS4? Have you made the leap to next generation gaming? Or are you waiting it out?  Be sure to like, comment and follow. Thanks!

Titanfall- The Current Buzz Word : Here are my thoughts





Titan Fall Beta Thoughts 

Titan Fall perhaps one of the most popular names in recent months as received another beta.  I was actually able to get my hands on a beta code. Usually I never get picked for such things but I was chosen to my amazement. 

A couple of games come to mind in comparison to Titan fall like, Call of Duty, Battlefield and Mag. The beta is fast paced with a short learning curve, if you don’t want to train you could just dive head first into the action. 

Their are a variety of weapons at your disposal and these giant machines called titans similar to transformers. As this is a beta, the graphics and textures are not finalized and as a result the beta looks a bit washed but still detailed. 

I have no complaints in terms of gameplay and map sizes, the controls are responsive and the game keeps a stable frame rate. This game will surely be the game to get when it comes out next month. 

Have you played the Titan fall beta? Did you have the chance to play the previous beta? What are your thoughts? Be sure to share comment and follow! 



Jump off the bandwagon.

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You remember the saying if you have nothing good to say don’t say nothing at all?

Well that is why I have bitten my tongue, until now. Some many people seem to be riding the band wagon of hate and ignorance.

When has the conversation of reslolution ever been important? The fan boy syndrome has taken over. I don’t like writing about speculation or rumors nor do I entertain the thoughts of the bias media.

Its obvious that their seems to be a divide where a line is drawn in the sand and for what purpose I ask?

Xbox One does what the company intended it to do, and the Ps4 does what it’s company intended.

The bandwagon has been going for some time now. Perhaps it is the companies themselves who in their quest for superiority, cause such drama in the world of gaming?  What do you think? Share your thoughts.

Have you found yourself on different sides of the coin? Have you found yourself ridding the bandwagon? Be sure to comment, share and follow.