One Life to Live



We have one life to live but the characters we play with in video games have many. How seriously do you take the life of these characters?

I have been playing Tomb Raider in which there have been many ways established for her to meet her demise.

Falling off cliffs, being impaled by metal objects and of course being shot by the ever present enemies are a few but do we cherish the lives of our digital brothers and sisters?  Do we take risky jumps and jarring leaps of faith? Yes, the character die I suppose you can always try again as it is only a game.

Do the characters have a say in the way we play with them? For example. If you’ve ever played one of the old Tomb Raider games, you can try to run into a door and if the door was locked Lara would say “No” and shake her head.

One of my most recent experiences was playing Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS.  I had such a difficult time trying to maneuver around the levels. I would fall into the background and fall off the platforms. Mario died so much on this game that I could hardly count. Not even the special suit that you get once you die a few times could stop him.

It was at that point that I realized that I would have to pass on playing Mario for  a little while, for he surely had changed much over the years. Well not him, but I.

I think the more challenging the game, the more life is lost.  What are your thoughts? Have you ever paid attention to how many life’s you have used during the course of a game? Be sure to like and follow.




A Tomb Worth Raiding… My Review Of Tomb Raider………………..


   I’m no stranger to raiding tombs, that with the help of Lara Croft I must say. As discussed previously on this blog Lara Croft became a symbol in her own right in terms of her body and need for adventure.  She set the standard as a fearless women. Lara has graced many of her own game covers, traveling the map in search of relics and hidden artifacts.

Now onto the good stuff, in this new Tomb Raider reboot originally released March of 2013 for the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3, we find a younger Lara Croft who is inexperienced as it relates to survival and exploration. The flight that she is on takes a turn for the worst and she find herself stranded on an island away from her friends.  She must pull the power from within to survive another day. It is one of the most personal experiences one will ever have as they help Lara navigate her new surroundings.

The game featured beautiful graphics and lushes detailed environments which set the bar high for the previous generation. Tomb Raider will be released for next generation consoles, the Xbox One and the PS4. The graphics have been upgraded and for once, Lara Crofts hair moves like it’s the real thing! The developers have stressed that this recent release is more than just a makeover.  This is Tomb Raider the way it was meant to be played. The game is also titled “Tomb Raider:Definitive Edition”.

This Tomb Raider reboot allows the player to experience the personal growth and progression of the character that they have grown to love. Though initially Lara is fragile, she becomes stronger. The game borrows from other games such as uncharted with full blown actions sequences that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Not to mention the Actress voicing Lara, Camilla Luddington does a superb job in making Lara seem so real. The only negative thing I could say about this game is that it makes fast progress but other than that this a game worth owning, no matter which system you get it for.

Have you had a chance to play this wonderful game? What was your experience? Be sure to comment and follow!

The Evolution Of You.

The Evolution Of You!            download

Happy New Year! This will be my first post of this new year.

As you evolve your expectations change, wishes, hopes and desires for a certain thing. How about your love for video games? Now that your all grown up do you demand more out of your games? If a game is too difficult do you give up completely?

Super Mario Brothers released for the Nintendo NES was said to be one of the most difficult games to this day.   Casual players would have a challenge om their hands with this game. The invention of micro-transactions along with downloadable content have certainly made it easier to play the games of today. Not sure how to  get past a part? Just purchase this package to unlock everything.

If you ask me, the cake has been split right down the middle in terms of what gamer’s expect. On one side you have the gamer who is every part of the definition, who doesn’t care about specs, graphics and movie like cinematics. On the other side you have the graphic person who is concerned about the specs, power and number crunching that produces the best graphics your eyes ever seen.

Do graphics really matter to you? Have they ever been of importance to you? Be sure to comment and follow.