What does your genre choice say about you?


Game genres are just as specific as movie genres.  We have fighting, RPG, racing, boxing just to name a few.  What does your genre of choice say about you?

I love the fighting genre. Games such as Dead or Alive and the Tekken series, and I often can be found playing such games. What does this say about me if taken literally?

On the surface it says that I am a violent person who loves to fight and challenge other people.  It can be said that I don’t need a reason to fight; in fact I will fight without a cause all simply because of my choice of gaming.

Now your wondering is it really that serious? I suppose not but, I couldn’t help but wonder.

Let’s not even bring the media into this because video games have been blamed for just about everything.

Many shooting games have been named over the years as blame for tragedies that have taken place.

In my opinion shooting games do not dictate violent actions nor should it be said that those who play them are violent.  However, this is the case in such situations when during investigation it is discovered that the person in question may have had played a game or two.

Do you feel that there should be or is a stigma attached to your game genre choice? How do you feel about the scapegoat called video games being blamed or mentioned during tragedies?

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