The Glue That Binds Us Together

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Every so often I like to pause the game and put things in perspective.

I think video games are a wonderful hobby to have.  While playing your favorite game,  you can meet other people who have the same interest.  You can make friends that will last a life time.

I recommend that everyone use caution in who they talk to while online. It is a melting pot, of people; some may be college students, business owners and even predators.

If you are lucky to find such trust worthy friends from the pot,  you can have a great time.

There is a community full gamer’s, regardless of platform, in which all who you come in contact with and for that moment and or lifetime you can be friends.

Gaming is the glue that binds us together.

I have been friends with the people on my list for a while.

Has your experience been the same? Have you made friends that you are still cool with to this day? Do you think being friends in reality is too far? Be sure to comment and follow.

2 thoughts on “The Glue That Binds Us Together

  1. tagdenied January 15, 2014 / 6:37 PM

    Totally right, met a lot of good people online, even better is being able to stay in contact and have similar experiences no matter where in the world we are. Things like that keep people together 🙂

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