The Evolution Of You.

The Evolution Of You!            download

Happy New Year! This will be my first post of this new year.

As you evolve your expectations change, wishes, hopes and desires for a certain thing. How about your love for video games? Now that your all grown up do you demand more out of your games? If a game is too difficult do you give up completely?

Super Mario Brothers released for the Nintendo NES was said to be one of the most difficult games to this day.   Casual players would have a challenge om their hands with this game. The invention of micro-transactions along with downloadable content have certainly made it easier to play the games of today. Not sure how to  get past a part? Just purchase this package to unlock everything.

If you ask me, the cake has been split right down the middle in terms of what gamer’s expect. On one side you have the gamer who is every part of the definition, who doesn’t care about specs, graphics and movie like cinematics. On the other side you have the graphic person who is concerned about the specs, power and number crunching that produces the best graphics your eyes ever seen.

Do graphics really matter to you? Have they ever been of importance to you? Be sure to comment and follow.



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