Your Mind On Tetris

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You’re Mind on Tetris 

Your mind is cramped with puzzle pieces and organizational hiccups from every direction. Not to mention your back log of games you purchased throughout the year and have yet to complete.  Trying to find a spot for those pieces seems like a daunting task.  What do you do in this situation? Fear not.

Play Tetris. Begin to place the pieces in an adequate row of organization.  Sort through the games that appeal to where you are in life or where you would like to escape to. If you have a ton of stress in your life currently, play a game like Grand Theft Auto, not to shoot people but to just run around and let out your anger. Some might say you should actually run around in real life which is a good suggestion. However, if you’re running around in a game you will never get tired.

Once you sort through your gaming collection and have it relate to you where you are now you can begin to rank games accordingly. Check out your friend’s opinion different games and see what they recommend.  I bet those Tetris puzzle pieces are going in their spot right about now.

If you’re tired of playing the same type of game, give a newer game a try with something that you haven’t played before.  For example, massive multiplayer online games offer an experience second to none. The coming together of many for the goal of one is priceless.  Perhaps a change can keep your puzzle pieces together.

Lastly, if you’re still discombobulated, take a virtual vacation! Yes I said it.  Get a game that contains beautiful graphics with its setting on an island. Relax and experience what the environment has to offer.  This will help you win your game of Tetris.

What do you do when your mind is cluttered? Share below. Be sure to follow and comment.


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