The best of 2013-My top 5

Here is my list for the best games of the year.

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1. The Walking Dead – Season 2- “All that remains”

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I truly enjoyed all that remains. If you thought the first season opener was action field it has nothing compared to this game.   The action, drama and pulling of my heart strings from the start was not expected. To see how Clementine has grown up and is now able to defend herself makes me proud. I cannot wait for the next part in the season. This game takes my number one spot. I often talked about how much I liked  The Walking Dead so it comes as no surprise that this is number one.

2. The Last of Us

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This game was developed by one of the top companies. It was highly anticipated and didn’t disappoint.  The story, graphics and game play all were superb. Most of the multiplayer was the thing that stood out.

3.  Super Mario 3D World

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What hasn’t been said about this game? This game is a masterpiece. The bright colors and platforming that only a Mario game provide all add up to make this game the best game on the Wii U and one of the best released this year.

4. Beyond Two Souls

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Of course this game was amazing as well. This game  was on movie quality level literally. As the game progressed you grew with the character helping her exist in her own world. Beyond Two Souls offered something that other games didn’t.

5. NBA 2k14 

images (2)images (1)

Finally, a sports game makes my list for the first time. This game deserves all the praise that it has gotten and that it will receive. From the next generation graphics that define what the next generation consoles can do to the new techniques and gameplay mechanics, this game is marvel to behold.


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