Gaming Etiquette


Gaming Etiquette

Being a polite gamer is there such a thing? Are there rules that one should follow when they are gaming online? 

Do the rules of respect and common courtesy apply to online gaming? Yes, however, you will encounter people who lack the ability to treat people with kindness.

Now I’m not saying you should hold the controller a certain way or you should only complement your fellow player’s online while in game. I am saying that there proper ways that we can conduct ourselves.

Companies such as Microsoft and Sony, and Nintendo all allow you to block people who are a nuisance and or report them.  As for myself this has come in handy at certain times. I have been sweared at and called names for no apparent reason. It happens and I have gotten over it but I am glad systems are in place to report those who are mean.

Do you think there is a rule book or guideline to the gaming? Is there such thing as gaming etiquette ? Is it going too far to suggest that someone should receive training before playing a video game? Is that going too far? What has been your experience while playing online?


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