A Lover Scorned

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Were you sold on the hype? Did you read the fine print of the on game box and expect to have the experience you read about? Did the game you’re playing need patching to fix game bugs and add content that was advertised on the box?  If so you have been a victim of marketing 101.

Call the lovers scorned hotline….. Okay, so there is no real hotline but unfortunately we as gamer’s have been promised complete games by developers and we don’t always get them. We spend hours playing games only to reach the end and not be satisfied with our experience. Either the game ends abruptly or the ending is far from the story line.  This will leave you, a video game lover, scorned. Once scorned you vow to never play that type of game again and never recommend it to your friends.

The same can be said about a book. You can make it all the way through a book and get to the end and be disappointed by what you see because it just doesn’t add up. In this case you become a book worm scorned.

Can you relate to being a lover scorned?  What games have you played that you were let down by recently? How about a book? Share your thoughts.


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