Saving The Best For Last

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We will be released in December.                           Hey, we were released in May.


This is a short post. Question to all of the gamer’s out there. How do you feel about the release of certain games during the holidays?

Are the best games saved for the end of the year? Recently, we have seen the release of games such as The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, Gran Turismo 6 and countless others. Does releasing in the winter mean a better game or just an attempt to sell more?

In actuality I feel that both matter. Releasing in the winter toward the end of the year will allow more development time and will allow more sales.  Speaking of this, do you think the high amount of games released during the end of the year affect the amount of time you get to spend playing each game? Be sure to comment below.


What are your experiences with the games mentioned above?


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