Gaming Politics 101

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First off, this is a touchy subject for the most part and we all know of its existence. While this maybe controversial it couldn’t be far from the truth.

Gaming politics govern what we see and hear in terms of news. Just think about it. It’s popular to bash Nintendo and on some sites the good news isn’t reported.

Politics are at the base of everything. Certain games are scored higher because Journalists don’t want to lose their freebies and connection with companies.  In essence we the gamer’s don’t really get the truth at certain times as far as reviews are concerned.

It’s amazing how games like Call of Duty continue to score higher yearly than other games. In my opinion not enough changes in each yearly installment of the series to justify high scores.

We also know that Nintendo is the underdog of the industry despite being out the longest. This can be seen also in the third party situation.   Microsoft and Sony seem to have favor with 3rd parties, they pure out money to these companies to have these games on their system.

Finally, it is well known that Nintendo’s own Ip’s out sell 3rd party games and this is said to be the reason why we see the lack of 3rd party support on the Wii U.  Another excuse is the Wii U cannot handle any of the graphical engines that will be used. But is this necessarily true? Believe it or not these things along with fanboyism in the industry have an affect.

What are some well-known tid bits that you are aware of in the industry? Have you heard of these things before? Comment and be sure to follow!


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