An Injustice that I love. Injustice God’s Among Us Ultimate Edition – PS Vita

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Ok, so I am not sure that I agree with the title as there is only one God in my opinion. Not taking the title literally, I will attempt to give you my impressions of this awesome game. From the creators of Mortal Kombat, Netherealm Studios comes a fighter that pits DC characters against each other in a war out of this world. 

The Ultimate Edition contains all the characters, skins and music to justify the price.  The fighting system is similar to that found in the 2011 edition of Mortal Kombat but modified.

Of course this game is no stranger to those in the video game world.  Compared graphically, the PS Vita version is a bit toned down than it’s console counter parts.  In game characters are slightly blurred and the lighting effects are a bit dull. The game play is blazingly fast. There is some slow down but not too much during the destruction of the environments.

Injustice for the PlayStation Vita is a worthy title for fighting on the go. Injustice is yours for the price of $40.00.  For some this price might be too much. You might be able to get the console version for less. Be warned initially the game is a ghost town on the Ps Vita. You might be able to find a few matches.  Make sure that you add those you encounter so that you have friends to play with. Check out Injustice for PS Vita today.

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