The Classics Will Never Die. My List OF THE TOP TEN Most CLASSIC GAMES!

My List Of The Top 10 Most Classic Games

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1. Battle Arena Toshinden- This 3D brawler needs a remake, anyone remember Sofia?

download (16)


2. Final Fantasy 7- As ,mentioned earlier on here to this day I am still trapped in the factory on disc one. This game is a master piece that I one day hope to finish.

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3. Tekken 3-This game was one of my favorites as it came out at an amazing time. I remember playing this game in 1998. Tekken 3 had amazing music and colorful graphics. Playing against friends was fun.

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4. The Walking Dead- Of course the walking dead is a classic, the experience I had while playing this game cannot be put into words adequately. If you have not played this game you need to play it. The Walking Dead is a 5 part series with part two coming soon.

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5. Eco the Dolphin- OK, laugh if you want to. Yes, Eco the Dolphin for the Sega Dreamcast was a fun great looking game at the time. I could swim around in the ocean without having to leave my home. I am still impressed by this game.

images (12)

6. Ultimate Mortal Combat 3- Since I love fighting games, this game should come as no surprise. Back in the day the name Mortal Combat was synonymous with the definition of controversy. Mortal Combat 9 aka the 2011 version takes the series in a new direction but it cannot compare to this previous installment. The run button was always at the start of something brutal!

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7. Sonic the Hedgehog- This little blue ball of speed, called Sonic has been around. He was a familiar face on my TV screen, both on my Sega Genesis and television with his show. If Sega wants to make a great game they should return back to the basics. 

images (13)images (14)

8. Streets of Rage- Streets of Rage the beatem up that ruled much of my life could only be described as excellent. The jazzy, 90’s club music was an added bonus. It was like being at an underground club as you played through the game. To this day this game series has one of the best sound tracks ever, even rivaling Tekken (13)

9. Nights into Dreams- Time, Time, is not on my side.  Nights into Dreams is another classic to me. I enjoyed the speed and 3D quality graphics at the time. You ever want to fly around and invade someone’s dreams? You can do that in this game. Just make sure you have enough time stocked up so the person doesn’t awake. Here is hoping for part 2.

download (14)

10. Shenmue- Of course I could not forget Shenmue. This game defined the entire millennium. The story was amazing and heart felt. It was my first introduction to QTE, Quick Time Events, when the player has to press buttons very quickly when triggered on the screen. This game as brilliant to say the least. It is definitely worth it to play this game.  There have been rumors about a Shenmue 3 but they are just that, rumors. download (15)

So what do you think about my list of classics? Do you think I should have named some other games? I know what you’re thinking! Your saying to yourself that most of those games he has on there are Sega games. You are correct! I was a huge Sega fan back in the day hence why some of their games are listed.  What games do you consider classics? Be sure to comment, follow and share!



One thought on “The Classics Will Never Die. My List OF THE TOP TEN Most CLASSIC GAMES!

  1. drakulus23 December 17, 2013 / 1:10 PM

    I agree with everything except Final Fantasy lol. I hate that franchise :]

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