Rollin with the homies

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I can’t help to remember my nose dive into the then called next generation back in 2006 with the Xbox 360. Prior to that I had been gaming on Sega Dreamcast, GameCube and the Original Xbox.  This was my first online console where I immediately met up with likeminded gamers.

Countless hours were spent battling the locust horde on Gears of War or even battling each other to the death on Dead or Alive 4. Of course Halo 3 had its place among the games I used to play. Then there was the almighty Grand Theft Auto 4, which allowed you to team up with a high amount of people online while craziness happened all around you.

This was my initial game in which I was Rollin with the homies aka hanging out with friends.  In this game you could ride around the city and do whatever you wanted. Same thing goes for Grand theft Auto 5, with the ability to have a crew the possibilities for fun are endless.

Want to have a race with your friends? Set it up. Want to start a drive by? You can do that too.

I just wanted to talk about how much fun can be had with friends. What are some fun things you have done with your friends online? What games do you and your friends enjoy playing?


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