Obession, Alter Ego and Madness – Books I reccomend!

Books I recommend as gifts for the Holidays that deal with Obsession, Alter Egos and Madness.

1. Juanita Bynum’s No More Sheets.

no more sheets

This book talks about being set free from the obsession of sex spiritually and naturally. For some people this can be an obsession and can turn into madness.

2. Glass- By: Ellen Hopkins.


This book is part two of a book titled Crank.  In this book the main character continues to deal with crank and operates in an alter-ego of sorts. She is with child and unable to escape the need for crank and ends up on glass. She is now obsessed with drugs and attention. Glass ends up being worse than Crank. These books are also a good read.

3. Monster- By: Dean Walter Myers.


This book is about a young man who was arrested and sent to jail for being a lookout in a murder of a pharmacy store owner. He struggles to find out if he is the monster that people think he is. His obsession to find out who he really is inside turns to a type of madness in terms of pure hard thoughts and in the end it produces a change in him for the better. This book is also a good read.

4.  The Joker by: Brian Azzarello.

the joker book

This story is shaped around the jokers release from the Arkham Asylum and his obsession in wanting to cause trouble in Gotham City. This is shown from murder’s downright old trickery which Joker does well. My list wouldn’t be complete without this book as I am a fan of Batman and Joker.

5.   Finally, for my last book that I recommend would make a great gift of book to read is

James Patterson’s 1st to Die: A Women’s Murder Club Novel.

1st wifes club

This book starts the beginning of the murder club series in which we find a set of Women beyond obsession with their specific duties as detectives which leads to after work solving.

These are just some books that I have read in the past and recommend as gifts.


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