Few Games I Never finished.

imagesOFY6VKLSHere are a few games that I haven’t completed.

1. Tomb Raider Underworld- After being interested in this game initially, I found myself running around without a cause. imagesWLFMPT5B


2. Final Fantasy 7- I remember this game just like it was yesterday. To this day I am still stuck in the factory as it is to explode. I couldn’t get out to save my life.

untitled (20)


3. Grand Theft Auto 5-  I got distracted by the online mode and the ability to cause a scene.

untitled (21)


4. Saints Row 2-  I had endless fun with this game and completing the story became an after thought.

untitled (23)


5. Skate 2- Although this game was fun and is a bit similar to all other skaters it is the best. I got bored and this game began to collect dust.

untitled (22)

These are just a few of the games that I haven’t beaten or got bored while playing. Do you have any games that you haven’t beat yet? Be sure to share them.


3 thoughts on “Few Games I Never finished.

  1. Funny, I never got round to finishing TR: Underworld either. I triggered an annoying bug in one of the Southern Mexico levels that prevented me from finishing that level. Since I couldn’t be bothered to re-do the whole section, I gave up on the game and still haven’t returned to it. Perhaps some day….

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