A little Poetry from a friend – (by: James Jackson) titled – “I”

In this post I wanted to be different and explore a little  poetry . This poem is by a friend of mines, James Jackson, who is the author of “If I told You: My Inspired Poems”. This poetry collection tackles topics such as Romance, War,  and  Pain. James’s ability to remain consistent line by line is incredible.

This particular poem is something we can all relate to. The power of “I” speaks to the strength we all have inside of us that makes us unique through the encouragement and guidance of others/ family members.

If you are a English fanatic and love to read poetry and or if your looking for something new to read check this author out. Like what you see? Go purchase his book.   It can be purchased in book form for just $8.10 or digital form for $5 at http://www.amazon.com/If-Told-You-Inspired-Poems/dp/1490562370/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1386002806&sr=8-2&keywords=if+i+told+you+inspired+poems.


Here is a poem of his titled:


I was a child when it happened
My life wasn’t mine, no use adapting
The streets were never my own
No place to call home
Always someone there trying to take my throne
They tried to hit me, take me, like Watergate
All around me did nothing but hate
Because I could articulate
All because of a mother I had
Who taught me right; didn’t let me go bad
Like all the other’s in the world
Chasing after the girls
No education under their belt
They think they’re going somewhere
Fast Money
A word they can never tower
It is a shame it had to be this way
But I need you to read and hear what I say
I am on the throne
I am no king; just got the best bone
Cause I got:
To help heal and release our nation
That’s all it takes is one
One, who is, I. *

*The above poem belongs to James Jackson, I used it with permission.

What do you think of the poem? Could you relate to what the author is talking about? Do share below.


2 thoughts on “A little Poetry from a friend – (by: James Jackson) titled – “I”

  1. James Jackson December 9, 2014 / 8:56 PM

    Thank you for writing this about my book.

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