The Image of Black Males in Video Games – “A MUST READ” -Interactive Post

Blacks Males In Video Games 

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I know this is going to be one of those controversial posts but I wanted to do this. As I am a black male I wanted to explore the perception and advancements of black men in the video game industry as it relates to gaming.  I will also explore the industry itself at another time.

From my childhood to the present time I can see that major progression has been made in terms of black males in gaming.  We have games such as GTA San Andreas, Left for dead, Spawn, Shaq Fu,  GTAV, Mass Effect 2, Gears of War series, The Saints Row Series, Prototype 2 and countless others, you can fill in the blank for others that I have forgotten to mention. Most of them are military shooters and are sports titles.  Is there a stereotype of the men portrayed in such games? Granted, there were hardly any games portraying black men when I was younger. I remember playing Shaq Fu and Mortal Kombat 2 which has Jax and even Streets of rage 2 which had a character named skate.  Outside of the sports titles there were none.

Are black men only able to play sports and run fast? Do they all have a CJ from GTA San Andreas inside of them? Do they run around shooting and gangbanging all day? Are they all involved with the military in some way? Are we satisfied with the existence of such in the video games we play? Are we just excited to see someone who looks like us on our shiny HD television screen? I’m not saying that it’s a conspiracy nor that we are satisfied with it, but I am suggesting that the topic should be examined.  It’s not a deep issue but it sticks out to me.  This topic has been talked about many times and in my doing so I wanted to have an open discussion. I wanted to open up the discussion and add my two cents to it from my perspective as a Black male.

We are all not obviously affiliated with the military or even play sports professionally. We are not eager to do drive byes. Although it is fun to take part in the activities mentioned above in a fictional world.  We are making progress as we are seeing more games that contain the black male as the lead character, games such as Star Hawk.

I would like to see more games where black males are the lead and do not cause trouble similar to that of some men in real life. I would like to see a positive male in gaming take the lead role and be a hero not a villain or gangster.  Sure these games exist but there aren’t that many of them.  Which brings me to my next question, does a characters race determine how a games sales?  The name GTA alone will sell games from earth all the way up to heaven but is it because of the characters or the name?

Again, I am not trying to be politically correct and I didn’t want to turn this into a research paper but I wanted to be comfortable in stating my opinion. Some may say that the black male has to make a change in real life before their videogame counter parts do. For some that maybe a true thought but then I begin to wonder about all the Black Men who are doing positive things in real life, where are there counter parts in video games?  These days your either a thug wanna be or you’re a soldier who less be honest may end up dying.

Sure playing sports is good and being in the NBA and the NFL is an amazing accomplishment but not all men are involved in such things.

I don’t want to make this a long post as I could go on and on this subject but I want you, the reader to sound off. What are your thoughts on the subject? Does it not matter to you at all? Am I out of my mind in bringing up such a subject as it doesn’t matter in your opinion? If you disagree or think differently, be sure to comment, share your thoughts, and make your opinion heard.

Black males in the video game industry will be coming really soon. As always thanks for reading.  Be sure to vote below to cast your vote on your view of the stance of Black men in gaming.


A Lover Scorned

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Were you sold on the hype? Did you read the fine print of the on game box and expect to have the experience you read about? Did the game you’re playing need patching to fix game bugs and add content that was advertised on the box?  If so you have been a victim of marketing 101.

Call the lovers scorned hotline….. Okay, so there is no real hotline but unfortunately we as gamer’s have been promised complete games by developers and we don’t always get them. We spend hours playing games only to reach the end and not be satisfied with our experience. Either the game ends abruptly or the ending is far from the story line.  This will leave you, a video game lover, scorned. Once scorned you vow to never play that type of game again and never recommend it to your friends.

The same can be said about a book. You can make it all the way through a book and get to the end and be disappointed by what you see because it just doesn’t add up. In this case you become a book worm scorned.

Can you relate to being a lover scorned?  What games have you played that you were let down by recently? How about a book? Share your thoughts.

Gaming Etiquette


Gaming Etiquette

Being a polite gamer is there such a thing? Are there rules that one should follow when they are gaming online? 

Do the rules of respect and common courtesy apply to online gaming? Yes, however, you will encounter people who lack the ability to treat people with kindness.

Now I’m not saying you should hold the controller a certain way or you should only complement your fellow player’s online while in game. I am saying that there proper ways that we can conduct ourselves.

Companies such as Microsoft and Sony, and Nintendo all allow you to block people who are a nuisance and or report them.  As for myself this has come in handy at certain times. I have been sweared at and called names for no apparent reason. It happens and I have gotten over it but I am glad systems are in place to report those who are mean.

Do you think there is a rule book or guideline to the gaming? Is there such thing as gaming etiquette ? Is it going too far to suggest that someone should receive training before playing a video game? Is that going too far? What has been your experience while playing online?

The best of 2013-My top 5

Here is my list for the best games of the year.

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1. The Walking Dead – Season 2- “All that remains”

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I truly enjoyed all that remains. If you thought the first season opener was action field it has nothing compared to this game.   The action, drama and pulling of my heart strings from the start was not expected. To see how Clementine has grown up and is now able to defend herself makes me proud. I cannot wait for the next part in the season. This game takes my number one spot. I often talked about how much I liked  The Walking Dead so it comes as no surprise that this is number one.

2. The Last of Us

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This game was developed by one of the top companies. It was highly anticipated and didn’t disappoint.  The story, graphics and game play all were superb. Most of the multiplayer was the thing that stood out.

3.  Super Mario 3D World

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What hasn’t been said about this game? This game is a masterpiece. The bright colors and platforming that only a Mario game provide all add up to make this game the best game on the Wii U and one of the best released this year.

4. Beyond Two Souls

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Of course this game was amazing as well. This game  was on movie quality level literally. As the game progressed you grew with the character helping her exist in her own world. Beyond Two Souls offered something that other games didn’t.

5. NBA 2k14 

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Finally, a sports game makes my list for the first time. This game deserves all the praise that it has gotten and that it will receive. From the next generation graphics that define what the next generation consoles can do to the new techniques and gameplay mechanics, this game is marvel to behold.

Visual Stimulation


Are graphics Important?  What about Power?

Are graphics important? Do we need to be stimulated with our eyes to appreciate a games worth?

Super Mario Brothers on the NES lacked the graphical finesse we see today but it possessed a challenge.

The Xbox One and the PS4 have both raised the bar in terms of graphic fidelity but does it matter? It depends on the person I guess.

I love graphics but gameplay is just as important.  You may prefer gameplay overall. Games like Horizon Zero Dawn continue to blur the lines between great graphics and gameplay.  The game received a 9.3 from I must admit that I was sold on graphics alone as a child.  I left the Nintendo Entertainment System for the Sony PlayStation.  It was something about the graphics on PlayStation that stood out to me.

 The first game to ever catch my eye was Tekken.  When I saw, the character named Jun cracking another character bones it made me jump inside. Not because I was feeling the pain but because I was intrigued by the graphics.

As you can see graphics do play apart but to what extent, you decide.

Now let’s talk power! The Xbox Scorpio is coming out this Holiday season. So far all we have been hearing is about its specs. The specs are impressive, don’t get me wrong but the games are just as important. You can have all the power in the world but without any games it means nothing.

What if there are games? Are developers taking advantage of the most powerful console ever created?  Will they be held back by the original Ps4 and the original Xbox one? These are questions that gamers want answered.

If you follow this blog, I did a post not too long ago titled “Dear Microsoft what are you doing”? You can read it here. In it I ask the big questions as to what they are doing. Turns out that they have some tricks up their sleeves for this year’s E3. I am not an informant or anything of that nature. It’s just wishful thinking.

I’m looking forward to the graphical bar being raised with project Scorpio.

Are you looking forward to E3? Are graphics important?

As always be sure to comment, share and like.

Your Mind On Tetris

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You’re Mind on Tetris 

Your mind is cramped with puzzle pieces and organizational hiccups from every direction. Not to mention your back log of games you purchased throughout the year and have yet to complete.  Trying to find a spot for those pieces seems like a daunting task.  What do you do in this situation? Fear not.

Play Tetris. Begin to place the pieces in an adequate row of organization.  Sort through the games that appeal to where you are in life or where you would like to escape to. If you have a ton of stress in your life currently, play a game like Grand Theft Auto, not to shoot people but to just run around and let out your anger. Some might say you should actually run around in real life which is a good suggestion. However, if you’re running around in a game you will never get tired.

Once you sort through your gaming collection and have it relate to you where you are now you can begin to rank games accordingly. Check out your friend’s opinion different games and see what they recommend.  I bet those Tetris puzzle pieces are going in their spot right about now.

If you’re tired of playing the same type of game, give a newer game a try with something that you haven’t played before.  For example, massive multiplayer online games offer an experience second to none. The coming together of many for the goal of one is priceless.  Perhaps a change can keep your puzzle pieces together.

Lastly, if you’re still discombobulated, take a virtual vacation! Yes I said it.  Get a game that contains beautiful graphics with its setting on an island. Relax and experience what the environment has to offer.  This will help you win your game of Tetris.

What do you do when your mind is cluttered? Share below. Be sure to follow and comment.