The Sunshine Award!


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The Sunshine Award

I am honored and in total shock that my fellow blogger Drakulus at would nominate me for such an award. As an up and comer it is hard to garner the attention necessary to feel adequate. However, I think it is important for me to write about my passion, video games and literature. I wanted to tear down the walls between the two past times as they are essentially similar.

The Sunshine Award rules are as follows,

1. List 10 things about yourself.

2. Recommend 10 other nominees.

10 Things about me

  1. Obviously I love to write.

2. Batman is my favorite super hero

3. I majored in English.

4. I am a shy but laid back type of person.

5. I think I have slayed over a 1,000 Locusts on Gears of War 3 (My favorite game).

6.  I am a fan of a website called “”

7. My favorite system of all time would be the Wii U with its tablet integration.

8. I think The Walking Dead was one of the most wonderful games to play.

9. My favorite artist is Kim Burrell.

10. I hate spiders.


Here is my list of Nominees.  There are just six on this list. However, on these blogs one will find various topics from movies, inspiration, stories and the realities of life and even archaeology . They have sparked my interest  which is why I recommend them. Check each blog out, each writer has their own style and are all unique. A big thank you goes out to again, for nominating me for the Sunshine Award!








9 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award!

  1. drakulus23 November 27, 2013 / 5:26 PM

    Nice job dude :]. I can’t wait until I can get my Wii U

      • drakulus23 November 27, 2013 / 6:14 PM

        I know I will :]. There are some games I really want on it

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