Poem- Love…. never loved anybody, part 2 (Man’s Side)

As promised here is part two to the poem Love… never loved anybody, the (Man’s side ) response to part 1 . Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Poem-Love….never loved anybody -( A Man’s side) (Part 2).

Your over reacting….

Their is nothing on this earth that will ever replace you ….

My Love…. never loved anybody… but you.imagesA518Z1PM

Lara Croft got that body but she don’t got my soul

Love… never loved anybody

I’m a gamer, it’s my passion not a shallow thrill

You got your gossip and your girl’s which you love for real.

I got my madden, Call of Duty  and my PlayStation 4,

But most of all, I got my girl who I love with my soul.

My love has always loved you!imagesRR4VLAI8


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