My Top 7 Favorite Video Game Systems Of All Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Top 7 Favorite Video Game Systems of All Time!!!!! Here we Goooo

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1. Wii U- This should come as no surprise as I have been an advocate for the Nintendo Wii U. As mentioned in earlier posts, Nintendo failed to market the system and games were often delayed. With the launch of “Super Mario 3D World” Wii U sales are sure to pick up. Why Wii U? Currently, it has more quality games than the other next gen systems.



2. PlayStation 4- The beast of the next generation came charging in with pretty graphics and a ton of bells and whistles. Beyond the tech, the graphic fidelity now rivals pc.  It’s fast, fluid and allows you to broadcast your gaming  live on Twitch!

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3.  Dreamcast- Released in 1999, this system offered mind blowing graphics and was revolutionarily ahead of its time. I remember spending countless hours playing Soul Caliber, Dead or Alive 2 and Shenmue.  I feel this system should have lasted longer than it did. Oh Dreamcast, your still in my dreams!

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4. GameCube- The Cube! Another system made by Nintendo, also a graphic power house with games such as Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil one remake and Luigi’s Mansion.  This system featured mini game discs and a system in the shape of a cube. Unfortunately, to some the original launch color was a turn off. No one could deny the great games that were on this system.

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5. Sega Geneses- The Sega Geneses is another system that I grew up playing. I remember playing games like Vector Man, Streets of Rage and Mortal Kombat and Sonic.  Again, the graphics were cool for the time and during those days Sega was on top of it’s game as it relates to competition with Nintendo.

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6.  Nintendo NES- The system that started it all for me, was the  NES.  Mario was like a brother I never had, as I tried to  help him save his peaches, I mean Princess Peach. The system offered great games and established the video game icons that we are so familiar with today.

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7.  Just because the system is at the bottom of the list doesn’t mean its not my favorite. The Sony PlayStation ushered in a new level of gaming. 3D graphics allowed limitless games to be made and as such the system boasted a game in just about every genre. My favorite genre was fighting, I can remember playing Tekken 2 and Tobal #1 and Battle Arena Toshinden for hours, thanks Sony PlayStation!


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What are you favorite video game systems? Did next generation put the icing on the cake for you so much so that it replaces all previous generations of gaming? Is their a tie between a particular system? Do you disagree with my list? If so, comment below. Hit the follow button also to make sure you are alerted when I make a post!


8 thoughts on “My Top 7 Favorite Video Game Systems Of All Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. drakulus23 November 25, 2013 / 2:04 AM

    The PS4’s power will never match that of a good gaming PC. That being said my favorite gaming console has to be the Snes. Too many great games on that console for me.

    • englishgameruninhibited November 25, 2013 / 2:08 AM

      Yeah I didn’t have one so I couldn’t include it although I would play a friends. Also xbox360 didn’t make the list because of the rrrod on the same week of purchase and multiple times thereafter.

      • drakulus23 November 25, 2013 / 2:09 AM

        I think the 360 had better games then the PS3

    • englishgameruninhibited November 26, 2013 / 7:24 PM

      Thank you for this! Just even having my name on the list will give me more exposure!

      • drakulus23 November 26, 2013 / 9:34 PM

        You’re welcome :]

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