The Sunshine Award!


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The Sunshine Award

I am honored and in total shock that my fellow blogger Drakulus at would nominate me for such an award. As an up and comer it is hard to garner the attention necessary to feel adequate. However, I think it is important for me to write about my passion, video games and literature. I wanted to tear down the walls between the two past times as they are essentially similar.

The Sunshine Award rules are as follows,

1. List 10 things about yourself.

2. Recommend 10 other nominees.

10 Things about me

  1. Obviously I love to write.

2. Batman is my favorite super hero

3. I majored in English.

4. I am a shy but laid back type of person.

5. I think I have slayed over a 1,000 Locusts on Gears of War 3 (My favorite game).

6.  I am a fan of a website called “”

7. My favorite system of all time would be the Wii U with its tablet integration.

8. I think The Walking Dead was one of the most wonderful games to play.

9. My favorite artist is Kim Burrell.

10. I hate spiders.


Here is my list of Nominees.  There are just six on this list. However, on these blogs one will find various topics from movies, inspiration, stories and the realities of life and even archaeology . They have sparked my interest  which is why I recommend them. Check each blog out, each writer has their own style and are all unique. A big thank you goes out to again, for nominating me for the Sunshine Award!








My Top 7 Favorite Video Game Systems Of All Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Top 7 Favorite Video Game Systems of All Time!!!!! Here we Goooo

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1. Wii U- This should come as no surprise as I have been an advocate for the Nintendo Wii U. As mentioned in earlier posts, Nintendo failed to market the system and games were often delayed. With the launch of “Super Mario 3D World” Wii U sales are sure to pick up. Why Wii U? Currently, it has more quality games than the other next gen systems.



2. PlayStation 4- The beast of the next generation came charging in with pretty graphics and a ton of bells and whistles. Beyond the tech, the graphic fidelity now rivals pc.  It’s fast, fluid and allows you to broadcast your gaming  live on Twitch!

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3.  Dreamcast- Released in 1999, this system offered mind blowing graphics and was revolutionarily ahead of its time. I remember spending countless hours playing Soul Caliber, Dead or Alive 2 and Shenmue.  I feel this system should have lasted longer than it did. Oh Dreamcast, your still in my dreams!

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4. GameCube- The Cube! Another system made by Nintendo, also a graphic power house with games such as Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil one remake and Luigi’s Mansion.  This system featured mini game discs and a system in the shape of a cube. Unfortunately, to some the original launch color was a turn off. No one could deny the great games that were on this system.

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5. Sega Geneses- The Sega Geneses is another system that I grew up playing. I remember playing games like Vector Man, Streets of Rage and Mortal Kombat and Sonic.  Again, the graphics were cool for the time and during those days Sega was on top of it’s game as it relates to competition with Nintendo.

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6.  Nintendo NES- The system that started it all for me, was the  NES.  Mario was like a brother I never had, as I tried to  help him save his peaches, I mean Princess Peach. The system offered great games and established the video game icons that we are so familiar with today.

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7.  Just because the system is at the bottom of the list doesn’t mean its not my favorite. The Sony PlayStation ushered in a new level of gaming. 3D graphics allowed limitless games to be made and as such the system boasted a game in just about every genre. My favorite genre was fighting, I can remember playing Tekken 2 and Tobal #1 and Battle Arena Toshinden for hours, thanks Sony PlayStation!


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What are you favorite video game systems? Did next generation put the icing on the cake for you so much so that it replaces all previous generations of gaming? Is their a tie between a particular system? Do you disagree with my list? If so, comment below. Hit the follow button also to make sure you are alerted when I make a post!

Poem- Love…. never loved anybody, part 2 (Man’s Side)

As promised here is part two to the poem Love… never loved anybody, the (Man’s side ) response to part 1 . Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Poem-Love….never loved anybody -( A Man’s side) (Part 2).

Your over reacting….

Their is nothing on this earth that will ever replace you ….

My Love…. never loved anybody… but you.imagesA518Z1PM

Lara Croft got that body but she don’t got my soul

Love… never loved anybody

I’m a gamer, it’s my passion not a shallow thrill

You got your gossip and your girl’s which you love for real.

I got my madden, Call of Duty  and my PlayStation 4,

But most of all, I got my girl who I love with my soul.

My love has always loved you!imagesRR4VLAI8

New Name, Same great content. (formally the english gamer)

I know you’re wondering what happened to the English Gamer? I am still here with a name change. Due to a search of my blog name and the results I found, I thought it was imperative that I change my blog and account name.

I had no idea that the name “the English gamer” was so popular among those who have blogs and or YouTube accounts.  My new name is now “English gamer Uninhibited”. With this new name and new web address I plan on going further in my quest of merging gaming and literature.  My content will be uninhibited!

If you are one of the people who happened to glance at my blog and like what you saw or you may have shared it with someone else please keep the new web address in mind.  Share the word.

Once again, thank you for your time and views it means a lot to me.



Poem- Love.. never loved anybody Part 1 (A Women’s side)

roseThis is a different type of post I wanted to explore the topic of love as it relates to the gamer and romantics. This  is a set of  poems detailing how gaming could effect ones relationship with their significant other. It is a reminder of how important love, family and time really is. I hope you enjoy. Please do let me know if you like this. Look out for part 2 Love … never loved anybody (Man’s side).

Poem-Love.. never loved anybody

Love .. never loved anybody 

Sitting here thinking about what could have been,

We was doing fine until that  piece of plastic arrived.

I swear big tit Lara , what’s her name? Croft? is ruining my life , these thighs weren’t ment to conform .

That plastic has taken over the table where our  exotic apple spice  candle once stood.

Love… never loved anybody……..

You spend hours playing that plastic and none with me. I wish I was a shredder I’d shred it to pieces. 

All in the name of the game you say?,  wow you must be getting great pay with all those hours you put in.

Love … never loved anybody………

My love loved you, why can’t yours love me?

How many solider’s must you kill on Call of Duty before you realize the one in front of you is already down?

But it’s your Call to Duty that takes you away from me.

You don’t love me, your love never loved anybody…….

Alright, so that was part one of my poem and the next part will be the man’s response to his wife and or girlfriend.  Gaming is a fun past time that could include family and should be done in moderation. Gaming  or any other hobby should never get in the way of love, family and relationship.  If you find yourself in this situation, it is time to examine your gaming habits and their affects on those around you. Part two coming soon. Thanks.

Having the right addiction


Drugs, Sex and Alcohol?  No, I’m not talking about those.

I am talking about being addicted to good things such as a particular hobby like reading, writing and or video games.

Usually the word addiction has a negative undertone,  but in this case it has  a positive one. Exploring different worlds through the use of books and or video games is one of the best things one could experience.

You won’t have any hangovers except the feeling of sheer delight as your imagination soars beyond human limitation and gravity itself to unknown lands. Some might say that weed does this with the only side effect being the munchies, sure but that’s only temporary.  Memories of a good book or video game and or writing last a life time.

I am not encouraging impulsive behavior to where one cannot stop playing and or doing a particular thing instead I am suggesting a good healthy alternative to take part in if only for a hour or two.

What’s your addiction? Whats your medium of choice? Do you have memories of reading a good book? Share them below.

When the jar is empty.

I’m in deep thought about this one.


Your zodiac sign has nothing to do with this. The month you were born cannot dictate the abundance of creativity you have within.

But what do you do when the jar is empty?

Do you stop completely or do you push yourself to continue whatever you need to do?

As we go through life our jars get filled with the good , the bad and the ugly. Bad experiences,  bad relationships and or the highs of life . These  things can drain our jar of curiosity,  creativity, self worth and happiness.  When this happens one is to take from the jars around you, no, don’t steal a jar from the store haha but become inspired from other jars around you.

PUT That Jar back on the shelf!

Maybe you have given up on a game entirely and were inspired to continue by the playthrough you watched on YouTube.  Maybe you started reading a book and stopped half way through but with the encouragement of others you proceeded.

Be inspired , keep your jar full so you never go empty. Keep the fire burning.

Have you had a moment in your life where you felt like your jar was empty? Do share below.