My top 5 favorite video game characters!

1. Ivy Valentine


She is a fearless competitor with a whip from the Soul Caliber series.  As a dominatrix, she demands respect. Her moves command submission and victim’s have no choice but to surrender thats why she’s number one on my list.

2. Up next is, Batman!


Batman represents so much. Iv’e mentioned him in a earlier post. He is iconic and gives other super heroes a run for their money. He has been featured in various books, games and movies.  Most recently his game came out titled Batman Arkham Origins. This is the third game in the series ensuring Batman is here to stay.

3. In third place is the one and only Mario.


This iconic Italian plumber has been at it for years. He has more talents than the average man. He has been featured in just about every sports genre there is.  He was the first video game character I ever played as in a video game. When Mario saves Princess Peach he is after her Peaches.  She has had him peachy whipped for years.  We will see more of him this fall!

4.  Up next from my favorite game of all time, Gears of War 3 is Jace Stratton.


This cog solider made his appearance in story mode. Though the details surrounding his involvement are short, he came prepared for battle. He’s not your typical cog soilder as he doesn’t swear as much. What I like most about him is his ability to fit in and fight for a cause.

5.  Last but in no way a falluire is …….

The one and only  Master Chief


This Halo spartan is recognizable from miles away. No one can deny his strength and ability to lead when on the battlefield. Halo is said to be one of the best first person shooters around.  Currently, he can be found in Halo 4, with a new game coming on Xbox One!  What I like about him is his serious personality. 

So there you have it folks, my favorite characters 1-5. We’re you surprised by the order of the list? Any picks surprised you? How about your favorites? Share them below!


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