Why is it so popular to bash Nintendo?


Nintendo , the name that started it all for me, has been around for a long time. They have been at the center of innovation in the gaming industry. 

Nintendo has made mistakes in terms of advertising  among other things. As a result one of their products isn’t selling well, that being the Wii U. A lack of  content  and unpreparedness has dampered  the bright and gleamy light that is Nintendo.

Does this  give gamers,haters, journalists and the like, the right to kick them when  they are  down?  Sure, they  made mistakes  but not it’s becoming common practice  to bash them. Want more  YouTube views on your video?   Bash Nintendo. Want a heated comment  section?  Hate on Nintendo.

This brings me to my question, could Nintendo  go back to being  the company  we grew  up with? Are  they  too kiddy? Is Nintendo  a after  thought  in the hardcore  gamer’s minds?

I must say i’m amazed with the concept  of having a gamepad to play games on. What are your thoughts? Please do register in order to comment!


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