My favorite game of all time!


When I think of all the games that I have played in my life time over the years.  So many contenders come to mind as a choice for my favorite. Above all one stood out the most and that game is titled Gears of War 3. Developed by Epic Games, this game boasted a batttle for the survival of the human race against the locust.  

Each game improved on the other, both graphically and content wise.

The story in Gears of war 3 reminded me of a summer block buster. This game is an edge of your seat thriller from beginning to end. Of course the steriod charged cast of characters who swore like sailors ,kept the party going.

Outside of the story mode, is the ever addicting multiplayer mode which puts you in 5 on 5 battles where not a limb is off limits. The gore, controls and comments made by characters during battle make Gears 3 my favorite game.

What is your favorite game? Do you have too many to just choose one? Name them below!



One thought on “My favorite game of all time!

  1. L.P. Mergle October 26, 2013 / 9:28 AM

    I’m pretty much addicted to the Final Fantasy games but for the sake of saying something different I’ll go with Sonic 3. Shooters are cool too, but I suffer from a massive case of bullet to the head syndrome.

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