The Grand Theft Auto 5 Epidemic.


The Grand Theft Auto 5 Epidemic!

Now, I know the word epidemic usually signifies a terrible thing but this is the word I am using for a game that appeals to the masses. A game that signifies the relevance of a gamer’s existence.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold faster than any other game and will certainly be in the history books.

Some of you might have thought that this would be a review of sorts……….  This is instead an acknowledgement to the power that Grand Theft Auto 5 has on the world at the moment.  The influence it has in mainstream and local communities by far.

Got a computer? Go on YouTube? You will be bombarded with GTA5.  The world is truly in Grand Theft Auto 5 frenzy. Of course this is a good thing as the game is being played instead of acted out in real life.

The series is often the target of bad press and blamed for numerous catastrophes.

Have you beaten Grand Theft Auto 5 yet? Are you holding out until they release the online part of the game like I am? What are your thoughts on the game?  Perhaps, you might feel that the game is over rated and haven’t gotten it at all.


One thought on “The Grand Theft Auto 5 Epidemic.

  1. drakulus23 September 29, 2013 / 5:05 PM

    I don’t completely hate the game but I don’t love it either. I know i’m in the minority here but to me it’s the same thing i’ve come to expect from GTA. I don’t own the game but I’ve put more then 40 hours in it at my friends house. I’ve completed the story, saw the multiple endings, and was left unsatisfied.

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