Insane Difficulty ….. Why Can’t I get past this part?


Insane Difficulty…….

Currently, I have been playing Killzone Mercenary for the PS Vita. It is a KILLZONE game through and through.  The usual kill or be killed applies here except, you earn money for your kills and the contracts that you complete.

During my initial start up the game, I put the difficulty settings on medium or the icon in the middle to ensure that I would have a challenge. I thought that by increasing the difficulty that I would receive more trophies for completing a chapter.  This was one of the most difficult settings to play the game on.  Now I find myself about 5 chapters in, surrounded by a host of Helghast looking to stump my head in.  Running in guns blazing isn’t proving to be the best strategy at the moment.  I always end up burnt to a crisp by the one of the Helghast.

Perhaps your difficulty isn’t in completing a book or a game, maybe it is in real life.  Test’s, trials and difficulties come to make us stronger. So don’t give up, be encouraged because if bad is occurring now, good is right around the corner; they always travel together!

Have you ever read a book where it was hard for you to continue or even make an attempt to start reading? Have you ever played a game where you couldn’t figure out how to make progress past the part you’re stuck on? Say something about it below. Until next time!

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