Why did it have to end?

TheirEyesWereWatchingGod WHY DID IT HAVE TO END?

Have you ever read a book or played a game so captivating that it consumed a lot of your time?

Did you ever ask yourself the question, “Why did it have to end?”
Recently for me, that game was none other than “The Walking Dead : The Complete First Season” by Telltale games, based off the Comic book by Robert Kirkman.

“The Walking Dead” strikes the perfect balance between fun and scary.  The actors portray their respective roles with sincere emotion making this non stop zombie roller coaster impossible to stop playing.

The story made all the difference for this game, it adapts to your decision making.

Overall, this game is a must play for those who are gamers and or casual players.  I highly recommend this game .

If you are a English fanatic and want to experience an interactive story at the same time you cannot go wrong by playing this game.

As far as books are considered, one of the books that I have read in the past that completely captivated me was non other than “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston.

This book was a easy read with depth and tons of emotion. Exploring the love life of a colored light skin girl and her nay sayers who were of darker skin tone.

Love and relationship make their appearance here, running as a theme through out.

This book will make a good read during the winter months.

Do you have any favorite books or stories and or games that you just couldn’t stop playing or reading?

List them below and say why and what this specific medium has done for you!


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